Wolf's Den

Wolf's Den

WOLF'S DEN in association with Wolf Tracks  at Aillwee Cave


Entering through the natural arches of our picturesque woodland walk not only reveals native trees of Hazel, Ash and Holly, it also leads visitors to our living, primitive craft village and tool museum known as Wolf’s Den. The Den is a hive of activity as villagers share with and educate visitors on their skills of wilderness survival and techniques in the art of Woodland Crafts.

Wood carving, Bow making, Forging, Willow Craft and Pole-lathe techniques are all skills that are in danger of becoming no more than historical lore. By sharing in their preservation, visitors of all ages are empowered to reconnect with their environment. Through twice daily demonstrations and two-hour long teaching courses at Wolf’s Den, visitors can open themselves up to their own creative potential through a hands on experience of tasks that can evolve into life long enjoyment.  

The half hour demonstrations give visitors an over view of all that can be learned while spending time in Wolf’s Den. Each two hour educational training course focuses on one skill or technique and includes no more than five people ensuring individual attention throughout the learning experience. Projects that are completed during the courses include cup, bowl and spoon making using mainly birch, willow weaving a basket, walking stick making complete with either carved or antler handle.  The villagers of Wolf’s Den pride themselves in having being both influenced and educated by indigenous Elders of North America known globally for their sustainable survival skills.


SMALL-SCALE FORGING: Learn the art of forging and working steel on our small-scale charcoal forge.
PROJECTS: bush-knife/fire-steel/utensils (skewer for bbq etc)
SAMI WOODCRAFT: Working mainly with Birch, learn how to make essentials for in the woods.
PROJECTS: Cup/Bowl/spoon/birch bark craft
KNIFE MAKING: Make a bush-knife with your unique antler/wooden handle cold-riveted.
WALKING STICK MAKING: Make your own walking stick with a carved head/ antler head.
WILLOW CRAFT: Learn how to work with willow to weave your own basket or screen.
POLE-LATHE TECHNIQUES: Learn techniques for working on the Pole-lathe, this foot-powered machine was used to make chair legs, spoons, toys and many other items. The art of wood turning can be dated back to Ancient Egypt around 1300BC.
A Wolf’s Den course cost €30 per person and spaces are limited to 5 people per course. Course times are 12noon - 2pm or 3pm - 5pm. Free 30 minute demos are at 1pm daily. All courses need to be scheduled and we require 1-2 days notice. Please contact 065 7077036 or email tracy@aillweecave.ie for more information

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